I am at the cabin with my friend. I went to take my Latuda after dinner, I realized I hat left them at home. 😦

I called to check in with hubby and told him what I did…”do you need me to bring that to you?” First words out of his mouth! I think I’ll keep him! Mind you, I am 2 hours away from home.

Cabin is small, quirky, and perfect! It is cold and rainy! We are staying in tomorrow to watch the Stephen King marathon! Swweeet!


Gettin’ with it

I’m trying to make positive changes in my life in terms of my health. I’m doing this Lark program (weight loss app provided by health insurance because I’m at risk of getting diabetes) and I just added a water app on my phone. I’m not drinking enough water and I need to fix that.

I usually drink about 1 water bottle a day. My water bottle is 24 oz. Someone my age and weight should be drinking about 120 oz. So I’m lacking. Instead of having Iced Tea I am drinking water. I’m ok with soda, I don’t drink it that much, only on special occasions or if I am sick.

So, that is what I am up to today.

Lab Results

So, my thyroid is fine. Makes no sense because my TSH is lower than my last reading where she was concerned that it was on the low end of normal. My triglycerides are pretty high. I’m told I need to watch my sugar and carb intake. *sigh* Shouldn’t be a problem really. Since signing up with Lark, I’m finding that I really just need to make small tweaks to  my meals. My eating is not horrible. And I NEED TO EXERCISE! *sigh* As soon as this inexplicable exhaustion leaves, I’m on it. LOL

Upon my research

Upon my research, there is really nothing more than can be done for these fibromyalgia symptoms and flares. The only options that are left are: physical therapy or medical marijuana. My doctor is doing everything by the book and using the recommended medications.

I had to take a quick soak in the bath before I made dinner because my sweeping I did today just really messed me up.

Of course, they recommend exercise. And next week I am going to get back to walking, even though that is going to kill me. At least I can say I’m doing it in effort to get rid of the pain.

Supplements were also recommended but cautioned to not take supplements if you are on medication because reactions can happen, so…. there goes that.

I even looked for other diseases that are like fibromyalgia, desperately seeking a different diagnosis. Nope. The only thing, Vit D deficiency (I DO supplement with that because I do have a deficiency) thyroid issues (I DO have thyroid issues), Depression (DUH!) Multiple Sclerosis (I did not fit the criteria). So on top of my pain and exhaustion symptoms, I have 3 other issues that also create pain and exhaustion. I just can’t win.

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Getting it together

I need to get it together. All I did was sweep with a broom and my body is in agony. That is absolutely ridiculous! So I researched for a rheumatologist in my area and found one. So I sent a message to my insurance to see if I need to get a referral or if I can just make an appointment. Something has got to give. There has to be some other treatment for this, or at least someone with some medical background on the subject to explain to me what to expect out of my life and tips on how to deal with it. At this point, I am at a loss.

While I was at it, I checked to see how long it has been since I sent a message to my oncologist asking about HRT. It has been 5 business days, and they are supposed to respond in 3. So, I sent them a not asking what gives, and I know they read my message (it is like an email program, if it is in bold it has not been read yet, if it is normal, it has been read).

I’m trying not to get pissed off, but I hurt. And I even have an ICY Hot patch on.

Sorry to whine, but this is my reality at the moment. I can’t wait until this weekend where I can sit in a hot tub and relax.

My Monday was certainly a Monday

I had a disappointing dr visist. She won’t increase my fibro meds because I’m at the max dose. So, instead she is giving me an anti inflammatory to take when I’m in a flare. Not sure how well that is going to work, but I guess we will find out.

She also would not increase my thyroid medication because my labs were 5 months old, so she had to take new labs, so I’m waiting to find out the results of those to see if she is going to increase my medication.

ALMOST had to get an EKG because my heart beats too fast. But she found my EKG from July visit to the ER so I got out of that.

Then I got two letters in the mail for a credit card dispute (from when my credit card number was stolen and used) saying they did not receive the paperwork that I mailed out. So, I had to whip up two documents explaining this wasn’t my charge, and then email them to my husband so he could fax them for me. I need to call today to see if they have them because today is the deadline. If they don’t get anything today they are going to take the money out of my account that they credited.

But I’m mostly disappointed in the not getting my meds increased. How am I supposed to control this pain? Guess it’s epsom salt baths, icy hot patches, and heating pad use for me. I decided I am putting Epsom Salts on my christmas wish list. I need a lot of it.

I had to put on an icy hot patch this morning. My back is just nuts.

I really hope the rest of my week is better.