It’s The End of the Weekend

It’s time to wrap things up, folks. Tomorrow is Monday, so get all of your plans, chores, naps, taken care of before midnight tonight.

I woke up at 7 this morning. I even stayed up late again. I guess I need more days to change my clock. 2 days is just not enough time for me to kill my internal clock. Well, it is what it is.

I have 3 rx’s to pick up today, but I ordered 2 more this morning, so I will pick them all up when those 2 are ready.

Tonight we are having chicken patties and noodles for dinner. Last night was chilis and onions quesadillas. I had waffles and an Italian sandwich.

I might stay in my pajamas again today. Unsure. Because they are either stretched out from wearing them all week, or I have lost enough weight for them to fall off of me. I am constantly having to pull them up.

I talked to my mom last night and she told me that she told my sister that we could melt down my parents wedding rings and split the gold and diamonds. I would rather not do that. I would rather just split the rings. It makes me upset that she is just trying to erase the whole marriage. I would like to have my dad’s ring and give it to my hubby to wear. So, I am going to email my sister about it.

I have no plans today.

I wanted to share this with you. I found it on facebook today.

It says: “The best minds in mental health are not the docs. They’re the trauma survivors who have figured out how to stay alive for years with virtually no help. Wanna learn how to psychologically survive under unfathomable stress? Talk to the survivors.” – Dr. Glenn Doyle

It’s Saturday… What have I done?

Not a damn thing. Well, that is not entirely true. The other day I was going through my security setting on google, and I notcied I had 5 compromised accounts. One of them was an old facebook account that I used for gaming purposes. It recommended that I change the password. I tried to log in and do that a few days ago. They wanted me to take a picture of my photo ID to prove my identity. I did not comply.

Today I read an article on Lifehack about the meltdown of Parler. It noted that one of the ways they prove identity is by scanning a copy of your photo ID and they said that no one should ever do this. So it made me think of my facebook experience.

No explain a little better, that facebook account was deactivated. Upon deactivating it said you could reactivate at any time. It had been several years since I have tried to access that account so when I tried to log in and change my password, they told me my account had been locked due to lack of activity as a safety guard.

Anyway, after reading that article this morning, I tried to attempt to get back into that account. I had the same issue. give us your ID. I tried logging in from my phone. Same thing. I checked the URL to make sure it was in fact facebook. It was. I treid like hell to get some help on this matter. Several pages down the hole, I found a help guide on this situation. They gave the steps on how to succesfully fix this problem. NO WHERE did it say in the step by step instructions that you would need to scan your photo ID as proof of identity. Instead they gave other options. Options that were not given to me.

I decided to file a report with the BBB. I found out that they are not listed with the BBB. Ok, maybe website businesses don’t do that. Maybe Facebook is not considered a business even though they are a company. They also had THOUSANDS of complaints against them. *Red Flag*

I then proceeded to contact the author of the article I had read to give him this information that facebook also asks for photo ID as proof of identity, and then I told him my story.

I don’t know that anything will be done with the complaint I filed. I don’t know if the author knows that this is a process with facebook or if he will contact me back. But, I have been a little busy this morning, even though I haven’t done anything. Hell, it is 1230 and I am still in my pajamas, downing my shakes so I can take my second round of morning meds.

It should be a requirement that Facebook give sometime of contact option if you feel your page has been hacked. Even if it is just a form. Let’s assume my page had been hacked, there is not a damn thing I can do about it.

however, apparently there is a way to delete your profile now. At the time when I wanted to delete my account, you could only deactivate it.

Now I am mentally exhausted, so I am going to try to find something on TV to watch. I will probably get frustrated because there is never anything on the tv on the weekends.

So what are you up to today?

Friday Night

Had pizza for dinner. Then I had some graham crackers for dessert. I made a pot of decaf coffee to warm my insides. I’m getting ready to put my pajamas and robe on and get under my blanket that my daughter made me and relax and watch some tv. Hubby and I are going to watch American Gods that we recorded. New season. Shadow has hair this season and I just don’t like it. Some people look better bald.

I have nothing to do this weekend. So I am just going to take it day by day.

Have a good weekend. I’ll check in again tomorrow.

Friday Shenanigans

So far today has been busy. I think I got most stuff out of the way, so all that is left is nonsense stuff.

I contacted the doc to get my medical card. They are only open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I emailed them requesting an appointment. We will see if they reach back on Monday.

I paid my credit cards and put away groceries.

Hubby went and got his covid test and picked up stuff at the grocery that the shopper made bad substitutions for. Sadly, the store is out of jalapeƱos what we need in a recipe, so we got green chilis instead. It is just for some quesadillas, so it should be fine.

So, I just have to tackle my small to-do list.

Tonight is date night, but I don’t know what we are going to do since hubby is supposed to be isolating but he is doing a horrible job at it. We will probably watch something on tv together.

Drinking my breakfast now so I can take my second round of morning meds. Then, off to get busy again. LOL

Thursday nightcap

I’m so over being in pain all the time. When I am not in active pain, I am super tender and feel like a walking bruise. I managed to stay vertical for a little longer tonight. I am so tired of having to lie down. I’m tired of taking hot baths with epsom salts. Good news, I found out that it is much easier to get a medical marijuana card than I thought. I found a doctor in the next town over. I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can make an appointment. My only fear is that she will tell me I can’t be on it because I am on psych meds. If that is the case, all hope is lost.

So, off to bed I go. With my heating pad. Hopefully I will not be in pain tomorrow.


Because I had nothing else to do this morning while I am waiting for everyone to wake up, I took the Meyers-Briggs test. Turns out I am an adventurer. I thought that was wrong before I read my results. After reading my results I would say that it is pretty accurate.

If you find yourself having nothing to do at some point today, you can take the test too, it’s free.

Good Morning WordPress People!

I’ve been up for an our and a half. In the dark because hubby has been sleeping in the living room since he found out he was exposed. Why he thinks THAT is a safe Idea, I have no clue. But, here we are.

I didn’t make it to the store last night so I need to run there this morning. Totally out of creamer.

I have horrible cotton mouth this morning and my lips are chapped. But I can’t see to find my carmex on the coffee table. LOL

I need to fold the towels that are in the dryer today since I didn’t do it yesterday. I also need to make my shopping list and place my grocery order. That is what is on my to-do list today. What about you?

What’s new shmoo?

Anyone remember the character Shmoo from the cartoons in the late 70’s early 80’s? He was a white blob of some sort. I don’t know, he just popped into my head. Here, I found a picture of him. It was a Hanna Barberra cartoon.


Anyway, about my day. I spent a huge chunk of the morning fact checking. Not just fact checking on facebook, but fact checking about the NLP course. So I emailed and asked about the accreditation and they told me the entity that I would be recognized and accredited with. I went to the website and looked at Instructors and did not find this individual or the organization associated with him. So I emailed the association of the accreditation. I haven’t heard anything back yet. But I did check on another website and affiliation he has where he is teaching NLP courses, but he offers a different accreditation. So, I looked that up and checked his name, but did not find him listed. I did go to the organization that the ID # he listed on his website and it came up an organization that did not have his name listed. So, I went to that page, and the two people that were listed were not instructors but he was. Follow me so far? I know it is confusing. I just want to make sure I fully vet this guy before bringing up what I am doing to my husband. I think it is legit but I am not positive.

That took a good chunk of my morning. I did catch up on my journaling. I did make my to-do list and started working on it. I also fiddled with my fit bit app which took a while.vAnd here we are, 4pm. Have to start dinner in an hour. We are having pancakes. Well, I’m not, but the kids are. I’m not sure what I will be having. I had a huge sweet potato for breakfast. Not enough calories to take my meds, so I had to have a shake. Just one, not two so that is better, but I was so full! I might have to have 2 shakes for dinner. I’m not sure if I will be hungry for dinner or not.

I’ve lost 1 lb this month. My goal was 5. I’ve still got some time but I can’t help but think I have expected too much. I made my planner for next month and for my goal I only put 2 lb down. I’m sure once I start exercising that will help. And I’m not losing the weight fast so that is good. Since August I’ve lost 11 lbs.

I need to go to the store to get more creamer. I meant to buy 2 last week but didn’t. And my youngest son uses my creamer which makes it go out so quickly.

Hubby was exposed to someone who had been exposed on Monday. The guy just got his results today and he tested positive. So hubby has an appointment to get tested on Friday. That was the first available that they had. He said he doesn’t think he has it because he didn’t shake hands with the guy, he wasn’t near the guy, and hubby had his mask on the whole time. But the funny thing with this virus is you have to act like you have it before you know if you have it out of precaution. Date night i hanging by a string because it will be a couple days before hubby gets the results, maybe longer because he is getting it at the beginning of the weekend. Happy happy joy joy.

So, for the remainder of my day, I will fold towels, make dinner, go to the store, and relax. Have to wake up early tomorrow so that means go to bed early. I woke up in a horrible situation this morning. I wet myself. I wasn’t even dreaming about going to the bathroom or running water! This is something I have to watch out for because I have a prolapse from my hysterectomy. hopefully it was a one time occurance.


IF you are going to say, that a certain someone did something and someone asks you for your sources and you say you are not going to give them, YOU are part of the problem.

IF you are the person that says “potatoes, potahtoes” when the thing you said was proven wrong, YOU are part of the problem.

This morning I was reading a friends post. Apparently there in an Intelligence officer that has been put into some position in the government. Apparently, This intelligence officer was associated with a chinese spy. The poster said that he was banging the chinese spy. So, I did some research, because that is what I do, so I know what I am talking about, and it is what I do to see if something is actually true. It was not true. The officer did not bang the spy. 2 Midwestern Mayors did. I pointed that out. And the poster replied with “Tradecraft” which by definition is the techniques and procedures of espionage.

I guess what he is implying is that the Spy got to the intellegence officer by way of the 2 Mayors? But… HE SAID that the Intelligence officer was banging the Chinese spy, which is something totally different.

I didn’t argue because I wasn’t going to make a big thing out of it on his personal page. I respect his space.. But this is exactly what part of the problem is.

Tuesday happenings

To start off, I did absolutely nothing today but lie on the couch with a heating pad trying to recover from the pain I was in last night. The pain finally went away, but it practically took all day.

Hubby has been exposed to someone who has been exposed. The person who was exposed is getting a rapid test and will let him know the results as soon as he finds out. I don’t like rapid tests, they are not as effective as the nose swabs. So, no kissing hubby today and he is sleeping on the couch tonight as a precaution. He didn’t kiss me before he left this morning so I haven’t kissed him all day. We kiss at least 3 times a day if not more. šŸ˜¦ No hugs either.

And finally, hubby got my fit bit working. The software needed to be updated. The update happened on my phone, to which the phone and fitbit were not synced. So, I don’t know how that worked out. But I’m not going to question it I/m just happy I have a working fitbit! My heart rate got up to 150 cooking dinner! A little high I’d say!

I’m going to catch up on my journaling and then take my heating pad and go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day!