some stuff

Well I didn’t have any leg issues last night, so I took another ingrezza this morning. We’ll see if this continues.

My sister told her kids about my mom. I’m not brave enough to do that. I know my daughter will have a fit. But I know what it is like to be out of your mind, and I think my mother is out of her mind right now. I don’t think she is going to snap out of it anytime soon, but I don’t want my kids to look at their grammar in a negative light.

My sister called and woke me up this morning, she wanted to talk about my mom.

I didn’t do anything today bt try and take a nap. My mom called me just as I was about to doze off to tell me how my dad was doing. So, no nap. I probably didn’t need it anyway.

Got my lamictal filled today so I did do something. I went to the pharmacy. LOL


Well, I just got a bombshell dropped on me. And of course I was the last to find out, because everyone is concerned about me flipping out.

My mom has been having an affair and is planning on moving to Texas. While all of this is going on with my dad.

I have no idea how to process my feelings about this. This is with someone she had an affair with when I was 5 years old. So this isn’t the first time I have dealt with my mom having an affair. But at 5 years old I didn’t really understand. And I can’t fault her for having an affair because I would be a hypocrite. But the timing is very bad. I just got off the phone with my sister to let her know I was not mad at her. But our husbands are living with our mom and think it is a shitty thing for her to do. I think I will be more mad once she takes off because then everything will be left in my sister and mines lap to take care of.

I am mad that she is giving up. But I want her to be happy. There is the struggle. I’m such a mess in my head right now.


So, good news. Seroquel worked. They are going to try giving it to him later in the evening around 9pm so it lasts longer. But he slept through the night. Which he needed.

In other news… I’m such a ding bat. I realized I didn’t try changing the time I take my Ingrezza to see if that would help take away the current feeling in my legs. So I took one with my morning pills and will see if I have any problems tonight.


update on dad. I am feeling better now because he is in the actual hospital now. He is still violent and they won’t let him into the nursing home while he is acting that way, so I have no idea how long he is going to be in the hospital or how long insurance is going to pay for it. But my mom is not worrying about that right now. But I am.

now the only thing that has my anxiety going is my court date for whenever the courts open back up.