Ponder that!

Yesterday wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have a nap for once, so that was nice. I have a “new friend” i.e. not new, but I just recently found out that they are kind of in the same boat, and we have been doing a lot of sharing, which is nice. It is always comforting to know when someone understands your pain when no one else does. We really only have each other in this messed up world of mental illness. No one can ever commisurate with you unless they have actually known it. Ya know? So, as a community, it is important for us to be there for one another. 95% of the time, all we need to do is listen.  So, when you talk to others, or read other’s blogs… understand that you are taking a major role! Understand that you are important, even when you think you aren’t. Sometimes it is just the little things that make us incredible human beings.


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