11 minutes

Please take 11 minutes out of your day to watch this video of a man talking about what it is like to be married to someone with a mental illness (bipolar specifically). Share it with people you love. I don’t care if you are married or single, you have people in your life that care about you, and are committed to being with you through thick and thin. As a person with bipolar, it was educating to see the other side of this illness. The side that WE don’t see or feel. The side that our loved ones go through. We get caught up in the ME of it all, we also need to understand the opposite side.

Sharing this with others is good, because it will give them some form of support; THEY are NOT alone, OTHER people have gone or are going through this also, and it will validate THEIR feelings. And maybe, help them keep giving. Even if you share it with people who don’t give you support, it might give them the inspiration to give support.

It is a worthy watch. Please, do yourself a favor, even if you don’t share it…. Do yourself a favor and watch.




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