Dr. Appointment update

So, I had a Dr. appointment on Monday. Just my regular physician. She went ahead and gave me an rx for some wellbutrin to hopefully start to take care of the depression. She asked how the seroquel was working, and I told her “Great! I no longer feel the need to kill people!” So at current tally, my med cocktail is as follows:

6 pills in the a.m.  (7 if you include my GNC Burn 60 that I take to give me energy through the day — otherwise I’m in bed all day)

  1. Prilosec (to help the tummy issue caused by my zoltaran)
  2. Zoltaran (for my arthritis and Fibromyalgia)
  3. Wellbutrin (for the bipolar)
  4. Synthroid (for my hypothyroidism)
  5. Hydrochlorothiazide (for my water retention)
  6. Savella (for my Fibromyalgia)
  7. GNC Burn 60 (for Energy)

At night I take

  1. Zoltaren
  2. Savella
  3. Seroquell (for the bipolar)
  4. Trazodone (for sleep)

And I take the Attarax as needed for my panic/anxiety attacks.

I’m wondering if anything is going to be added once I see the shrink in May….

And, in funny news; My daughter was using my empty pill bottles last night to build towers.


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