Doc Visit

So, today was the day that I FINALLY got in to see my new shrink. YAY!

I must say, all in all, I am pretty pleased. She totally agreed that I have Bipolar after talking to me for an hour. Not that anyone would lie about that (or would they?) but diagnosis is just protocol with a new doc.  The only thing we are switching up at this point is my Seroquel. She believes that I am on the right track to getting level, but I need a slight tweak. We are going to try Seroquel XR to see if that will help level me out. If not, when I go back to see her in June, she will put me on Lamictal.

I brought in my list of medications that I am currently on, and meds that I was on back in 2011 and it was her opinion that I was over medicated. Many people told me that back then, but I totally didn’t see it… Of course I didn’t! I was zombified!

I feel like I am in a lot better care this time around, because this doc, actually checks levels! My old doc NEVER tested my levels while I was under her care, and a lot of people thought that was odd. I didn’t know any better, but after talking to a lot of people with Bipolar, I started to question why my doc didn’t do my levels back then.

At any rate. All is well. I am currently a bit on an upswing. I am talking a lot, have lots of energy, but my mind is going so fast, I’m not sure what to do and quite frankly I don’t have the attention span.

Curious enough, Dr. G asked if I have ever been tested for ADHD or a learning disability…. Hmmmm…..

Going to a clinic vs. a private office was quite an experience for me.  Totally different experience. I was sitting in the waiting room, with a lot of different people, who had a lot of different tics…. some rocking, some visibly going through anxiety, some pacing…. I’ve never experienced that before.

So, I’m sitting in the waiting area, the kids section because the regular section had too many people. There were toys, a couple of book shelves, and a tray of puzzles. The puzzles were in a wooden case type thing, that had slots that the puzzles slide in an out, I’m guessing for easy storage. However, there were 3 puzzles that were in crooked. I sat there for awhile trying not to let it get the better of me. I kept telling myself “Leave it alone…. DON’T FIX THEM!” But I couldn’t help myself…. I get up and fix them, and sit back down. The lady sitting next to me says… “OCD, huh?” I smiled and said… “Yeah, a tiny bit.” I found it humorous. Those types of things didn’t happen in a private practice setting… LOL


One thought on “Doc Visit”

  1. I can relate to so much in this post. I was on so many medications in 2006 and walked around in a zombified state. It took years before we finally found a med combination that worked for me. Then BAM, I lost my insurance and had to switch to meds I could afford.

    I have to say, your last paragraph made me laugh. I think it’s good to be around other people that are similar to us (to a certain extent). It’s nice to know you can be yourself (and fix the things like you wanted to), and have people understand instead of judge.

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