Another day, another med…

So, had my appointment today with Dr. G. Good news: no weight gain and blood pressure a little lower than last time (this time it was 122/97). Bad news: Increase seroquel to 300mg and take away Trazodone. WHAT?!?!?!!

I was telling her about the bizzyness in my head. How it’s not voices but rather white noise, or thoughts, or a million bumble bees trying to get out of my head.  My sleep has gone to crap – I don’t want to sleep and I can’t go to sleep. I’ve been going to bed between 1 – 4 in the a.m.

I explained to her that during the summer, I DON’T SLEEP. period. I can’t get drowsy, I can’t get sleepy. She is of the opinion that my brain is fighting sleep. Some people have this problem, and there is no known reason why it happens. So, She increased the seroquel to hopefully help the noise in my head. She took me off the trazodone, because apparently it is not working. If I absolutely HAVE TO then I can take one, but try and go without it.

Of course she gave me the schpeal about how to work on getting better sleep. No tv, no reading, no music, no stimulation of any kind. Since she is a anew doc to me, I’m not going to get mad at her just yet…. Even though I have dealt with this insomnia for eons, I will humor her.

As a matter of fact, I can not sleep in pure silence and pure darkness. It makes my mind go into over-drive. I have tried EVERYTHING to combat this insomnia. But, I will follow orders, and report back to her in a month.

She was glad to hear that I am tackling my OCD on my own. Told me to keep working at it.

It is times like these, that I want/need a Dr. that actually has Bipolar Disorder – so they can fully understand that sleep is NOT my friend and I am NOT crazy.

So, all in all I am kind of indifferent about today’s visit.


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