Walking The Line

I’m walking the line of being promiscuous. The thought it in my head, the desire is there, but I’m trying to avoid the act.

It is very difficult. It’s not because I am horny, I just want to try something new? Have an accomplishment? I’m not sure, I just wanna…

I look at people, and I imagine how they would be in bed.

It is a very annoying thing to be feeling. Because I so desperately want to go wild! But I am totally sitting on my hands so all I do is look and NOT touch.

So Tuesday should be rather interesting. I see Dr. G in the afternoon.

What is it with wanting to be with someone else? I love my husband dearly and even though in the past some shit happened, I told myself that I would never ever do anything again after we get remarried in the church.

It’s just like wanting to change your clothes 15 minutes after you just put on a really cute outfit you bought so you can wear the other really cute outfit you bought.

I hate this shit.


4 thoughts on “Walking The Line”

      1. I have recently been avoiding drinking too much and even going out on nights out as I am hypomanic right now and know I would probably end up leaving the club with some guy. Mainly just restraining myself from trying to pick up men I come across who I am attracted to and masturbation.

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