Let’s Try This…. (aka Tweak The Meds)

So, I went to see Dr. G today. She was running behind schedule which was fine. However, sitting out in the waiting room, I get hit with an anxiety attack! Luckily I had a bottle of water with me AND my Atarax. So, I medicated, as you do….

I get called in, and she notices I’m… “off” and I told her I was just having an anxiety attack. It just came up and smacked me out of nowhere. And then we began the regular appointment.

I told her that the seroquel wasn’t working as well as she thought it would; my sleep is naps in the night, and I am a bit on the hypersexual side. So, she is weaning me off the Seroquel, and putting me on Depakote. After 4 days of being on it, I have to go get labs done. I am perfectly fine with that IF it will help.

I asked her about some information I found about how people with ADD/ADHD can’t sleep because there is sleep section on the brain that is being overstimulated. I had asked her if this could be the case, and she said it was a great question, however, basically my cards are stacked against me; I have Bipolar Disorder and Fibromyalgia, and Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, so like yeah…. sleep is not going to be my friend.

Got my Depokote from the pharmacy and those motherfuckers are HUGE!

On a completely different note – the hubby went to the Dr yesterday for a check-up type appointment to get his established as a patient at the family doctors (he never goes to the doctor and he barely ever gets sick). At any rate – he is now on meds! I kind of feel a bit of satisfaction because now he gets to live in my world for awhile. But I do feel bad and sad that he has to take meds now (high blood pressure).

So, that is my appointment. Anyone on Depakote? She is starting me out on 1000 mg and possibly increase depending on what my labs look like. This is something I have never been on, but I do know some people whom I was friends with in the past that was on it. I can’t afford to have my hair fall out nor can I afford weightgain… But whatever…


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