Telling her like it is

I am afraid I will not be a good patient tomorrow. I have my appointment with Dr. G and well, I tried her Seroquel increase. NO! Just, NO! I will not live again with the sleep eating! I’m trying to get healthy, I’m finally losing weight, and ever since that damn increase I have been eating like a starving street person. Last night I ate 4 brownies AND 1/2 a box of Cheese Nips. JUST NO!


My sleep hasn’t even been wonderful. I can’t get drowsy most nights, I’m up until midnight or 1 in the morning, and it is just not conducive to my lifestyle as a mother of 3.

So I have no idea what she is going to want to do. But no…. I’m not keen on this increase and it really isn’t helping my sleep much. And with my current hypersexual phase….. it apparently isnt working well enough as an antipsychotic. I bet she will put me on Lamictal. Christ….. I hate this disorder/disease/illness…. Why do I have to have it?


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