So here are some questions I have –

If you read my last blog, my post-script was that I just found out that bipolar disorder is classified as a severe mental illness. So if it is severe, why is it so fucking hard for people to get help? It is grouped with the same illness as autism, schizophrenia, etc etc…

I have also known people, whom have gone to jail, and were REFUSED their medication. Do these people not understand what that does? We REQUIRE medications on a DAILY! At least 2 times a day, if not more. And you fuck up a dose, and some medications, depending on how long you have been on them, you have to start back at the beginning to get back to a therapeutic  level, which by refusal of medication, can now fuck up the therapeutic level!

No, no one gets that. But if they DO, then they are cruel, inhumane people to fuck with our heads and brain chemistry!

People want to know why suicide rates are high, look at what the hell you are doing to us, as a collective. You don’t give a damn! And if you did, you wouldn’t act the way you do.

And now that I have reved myself up… I am wondering if there are any Mental Illness Health Advocates out there? I mean, seriously, do they exist? I wonder if you have to have a special degree to do that shit? Because I am fired up! I want to make a difference! I want to help! And I fully realize that this is a hypomanic moment, but I COULD do this, IF I was kept motivated. I bet there is NOTHING in my area that is set up IF they do exist.

On a happy note, my husband brought me home all my meds that were ready. Which means I get to start my new dosage of Depakote.


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