The 3 M’s; Meds, Memory and Madness


The above image is a picture of my basket of meds. Yes a basket, because I have so many bottles, I have nothing to put them in BUT a basket.

IMG_20140908_081432599    This is what I take in the morning. Why do they put tiny pills in big bottles, and big pills in tiny     bottles? Seems illogical to me.










This is what I take at night here is one pill missing because at the time of the photo I was out of it.


IMG_20140908_081528198So Then my blog begins. I have been so fucking tired. I am SUPER DUPER forgetful. like walk from the living room and enter the dining room in 2 step and BOOM! Wha? That is the lovely things of having multiple  illnesses. Is it the fibromyalgia, am I depressed? I’m certainly not manic. I’m forgetting the words to things like I was talking about guacamole and said salsa instead. Annoying shit like that. I can’t focus at all. Even writing this blog entry I have done the “SHINY!” several times.

I hate this. And I don’t see Dr. G until October 16. Krikey. I was going to add something else, and I have completely forgotten! Oh yea…. I found my box of old meds since the beginning of diagnosis. I am going to list them all in the next blog just for fun!


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