Another Day, Another Problem

So, first with the good-ish news. I began my advocacy. Thank you to the person who pointed me in the right direction. I would give you a shout out, but…. I didn’t write your name down, and my brain is fucked these days. I sent in an article to a news paper discussing about Mental Health Awareness Week, with an offer to do more articles for the months with mental health “remembrance” type weeks and days that deal with MI’s. I haven’t heard anything, but I tried, and at least one person read my article hopefully (the editor), and MAYBE that might make a difference. I was also there for a cousin who asked me to phone her. She had asked me some questions about my bipolar issues, only to find that she had previously been diagnosed with bipoloar but no one did anything much past the diagnosis.  She was happy to talk to me and was going to go through the proper channels to get the help she needs.

Now, the not so good-ish news….

I’ve got a lot of stress going on in my life, which is causing me some auditory hallucinations, memory problems, and association problems (I am HOPING it is due to the Bipolar and NOT ghosties in my house). So, I’ve been feeling nuttier than usual as of late. I am having some marriage issues right now, my oldest daughter is having health problems which I just found out last night that is interfering with her work. And the repo team looking for her old car, is causing me to fall back into my PTSD. Paranoid and anxiety ridden everytime I hear a big truck or see a flatbed on my street or whipping around in my cul de sac.

So, just so you know:

  • Salsa is NOT guacamole
  • Black is NOT the hot water faucet




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