#IWILLLISTEN free downloadable album to break the stigma of mental illness

I saw a snip of this and thought I would share. It’s a nice concept, but why don’t we make this more powerful?

A blog I follow, that is actually about a mom’s journey of her daughter’s autism posed this challenge the other day. The idea is this, be the ears or shoulders for someone who needs to talk. We ALL need to talk to someone at some point. And yes, there are times when we don’t want to talk to anyone. But we need to stand up to this ugly thing called Mental Illness, and help our brothers and sisters who travel this road with us.

Share this blog with people, spread the word, let’s make this work. All you have to do is at the end of your posts, or messages, any social media, just type “I Will Listen If You Need/Want To Talk.”

That is it!

People can respond to your posts or message you privately to “talk”. Or you can make a special email for people to talk with you at.

Please do NOT give out your personal information such as phone numbers or home addresses! That can be dangerous, and I do not want to be held responsible for people getting hurt for an idea on how to help people! PLEASE DO THIS SAFELY AND USE YOUR SMARTS!

And remember, I too will listen if you need/want to talk.


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