This is what happens

This is what happens when you run out of your depression meds for 2 days. You get sappy, sad, tear up at the drop of the hat. You feel worthless, unknowable, stupid, and on the verge of being invisible. I wanted to make a video for you guys today, but damn, I can’t quit crying. What a loser I am today. For no reason, my eyes are like faucets that are stuck in the on position.

Everything touches my heart, deep today. Looking at my dogs, I bawl. Getting my kid ready for school today, I bawl. Thinking about how I am failing my other kids, I bawl.

I look at the dishes in my sink and feel overwhelmed. I think about dinner tonight and I feel overwhelmed. I want to fight through this, and I am trying.So, DON’T forget to take your meds, and DON’T run out of your meds if you can help it, because it totally fucks everything up.


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