Clinic vs. Office (and other assorted things)

How many of you go to a clinic instead of a doctors office to see a psych (pdoc)? Let me tell you, I hate it. I mean, I go because I have to. And at the time I chose to go there, the only doctors I was slightly interested in, that were covered by my insurance, was in this clinic. So I have been going here a couple years. The place is uninviting. I learned today, that once upon a time it was a bank. That is neither here nor there, just an interesting fact.

So, as I was saying, the set up is dingy. I mean, they try to make it look nice, but are very unsuccessful in their effort. I also don’t like being treated like I am a drug addict. NEVER have I EVER had to take a drug test because of the meds I take. It’s only once a year that I have to do this, however, it still makes me feel like I am being accused of taking drugs or abusing my prescriptions. And, I have been instructed that I need to bring my meds to every visit, because they will do random checks to make sure you are taking your meds properly. I should let you know that this place is run by NAMI so, I’m sure this is part of the reason why rules are so stringent. Regardless, it is much like having a cop on your ass while you are driving down the road. You know you are doing nothing wrong, but you are still very uncomfortable. They have yet to count my meds yet. But I bring them with me. I am sure, the one day I forget will be the day they want to check my meds.

I had an appointment today. Doc prescribed me a new med; Latuda. I have been on so many meds at one time in the past (not by her, but by my previous pdoc), that she wants me on less as possible. Apparently this Latuda stuff will act as a double whammy; It will serve as an antidepressant and antipsychotic in one pill. However it is classified as an atypical antipsychotic only. She was disturbed by my suicidal thoughts, but didn’t want to put me back on Wellbutrin AND Depekote, so we are trying this. I’m glad I’m not on the depekote anymore. I hated that shit. It made my hair fall out and I hated getting my levels checked all the time.

I hope this Latuda works. Something interesting is that you are supposed to take it with food (350 calories to be exact). I have been instructed to take it with my dinner. If it makes me tired, then take it before bed, but with food. Which is not going to work, because I have to take my Sonata on an empty stomach in order for it to work. So, if I want to sleep, I must take at night.

So, that was my day. How was yours? Anyone else on Latuda? Experiences you want to share?


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