The Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on Energy Drinks and Mania

I came across this article from BP Hope. Interesting read if you are an energy drink consumer. I myself am not. Don’t like the taste. It is important to take away the main point of the article — caffeine intake and how it affects sleep! You see, sleep is our friend. If you don’t get the proper amount of sleep, it can wreak havoc on your moods.

Alternatively, how are some ways you get your energy boosts? I have a cup of coffee every morning. I can’t tolerate much more than that because it makes me sick. I think I killed my stomach in my younger years drinking pots of coffee all day long! I also take a multi-vitamin and on occasion Vit. B That is it. There are days that I am super sluggish. But I also have fibromyalgia, and one of the issues with that disease, is fatigue. So, manytimes I just throw my hands up in the air and say screw it and just succumb to the fatigue.

At any rate, on to the article.


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