It’s In The Genes


In case you came to the show late, I’m going to catch you up real quick. You have your family to thank for your mental illness.

So many of us wonder when we first get diagnosed “How did I get this lucky???” Yep, it’s in the genetics. Just like addiction runs in families, or blue eyes, or twins, so is mental illness.

Now, it might take awhile to show up. It might take a series of triggers to kick-start the coaster. But it comes from within.

YEARS after my daignosis, my mom broke down and told me I probably “got my illness” from her side of the family. It seems as though my great grandmother was schizophrenic. This was a diagnosis waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, like 1900’s, so it is possible that her diagnosis was incorrect. It is no family secret that my grandfather had addiction problems. He was an alcoholic, and fell to his death at a job site. He was an iron worker and fell off a tower. My uncle has issues too numerous to list. My mom had a nervous breakdown. See the pattern?

So, take a look at where you came from. See if you can find a pattern.


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