The Ghost of Doctors Past

I was thinking about my current predicament of my sleep issue, and I thought about my old pdoc. Because she LOVED handing out the pills and she LOVED drugging me up.

Which brings me to this point. GOOGLE YOUR DOCTORS! Even if it is just for fun. I googled my old doc, and found a lot of surprising information out about her.

You see, I had all these people telling me that my doc was giving me too many meds. No, they were not right, because I TRUSTED my doctor, and she would NEVER do that to ME! So, to prove a point of what a wonderful doctor she was, I googled all the information I could find on her, to prove to these naysayers that she was every ounce of fantastic that I believed her to be.


It was then that I found out that my doctor had sanctions against her. She had lost her licences from the state for 6 months and was put on probation, because she over prescribed a patient of hers Seroquel, and the patient died. I don’t know all of the specifics on the patient that died, all I had was the board hearing with the state, and they didn’t go into to many details about it.

The thing that pissed me off, was her patients were not notified of this! We were all told that she had a family emergency, and she had various doctors taking over her practice while she was gone. I felt betrayed, because I felt sorry for her for having a family emergency. She played us. It was when I found out all that information, that I lost all respect for her.

We are our own advocates. It is our duty to ourselves to make sure we are getting the best possible care. RESEARCH YOUR DOCTORS! Find out where they went to school.Dig and see if they have any “bad marks” on their record.

After this incident, I search every doctor I go to, be it a dentist, a pdoc, a therapist, or a family doctor. Lesson learned!


p.s. I left that doctor soon after I found out all that information. oy vey.


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