Last night was the first night EVER since my diagnosis that my husband was supportive during an episode. IT WAS AMAZING!
He could tell I was “off” because I was running through the house singing (my tell for mania). I told him I wasn’t doing well. He asked me if I was manic and I told him YES! And I didn’t like how I felt. He then asked if I had my meds for the day. I told him yes. He then suggested I eat something. I told him I wasn’t hungry. In my head I was like “CLEARLY he has never been manic. WHO WANTS FOOD AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!?!?!” But then I realized that this was his way of helping. He DOESN’T know and he DOESN’T understand. BUT he is being supportive…. FINALLY!

He even checked on me when he got home last night. He asked me if I was still at an 11. I told him no, I was about a 5 now. Told him about my thoughts of taking a seroquel, and he SHOWED CONCERN!!!!! He asked me if that would interact with my meds, wasn’t I worried about that, were the Seroquel still even good??? And then told me that if I decided to do that, to let him know, so he could keep an eye on me to make sure I stayed ok.


My husband has NEVER shown this kind of regard for me when in any kind of episode. Which makes me think I must have been pretty bad last night if he was so concerned. Because this is completely out of character for him.

But I totally appreciated it. EVERY BIT OF IT! And I am locking that feeling up in my heart forever. Because it was truly amazing. And I am even going to thank him when he gets up today, so he knows that this is what I need when going through an episode, and how much I appreciated it.

I took my sleeping pill last night and was able to get to sleep. I was flighty last night, but tried to keep things level by listening to music, watching mind numbing TV (Hey, Sheldon got laid last night!!! LOL) and surfing the internet. It was like mentally sitting on my hands. But it worked.

Today I am back to normal. Thank God!


3 thoughts on “Breakthrough!”

    1. I did. Though, I don’t think he will ever understand how much that meant to me. I did try to convey that to him, just don’t know how good of a job I did. :/

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