Just when I think I can catch a break, I can’t.

I tried to use my Latuda discount card today at the pharmacy. It was rejected because it was saying that I have federally funded insurance (I don’t. I have Blue Cross Blue Sheild from my husbands Employer). So, I had to pay my $50 co-pay instead of the $15 that the saving card from the drug manufacturer claims.

So, I come home, call the company to tell them of this error.

“We need a Prior Authorization from the pharmacy, letting us know that you don’t have State or Federally funded insurance. The Pharmacy needs to call us, and then we will give them a code. They should have received a message to call us. But, that is what the message means.”

How about, the message to the pharmacy should read “Please call us for verification purposes” with your number, instead of giving a bogus message????
Makes sense to me.

And here is my problem.

Secondly, in my experience, pharmacists HATE dealing with PA’s or having to call other people in regards to your rx. And quite frankly, I don’t like dealing with asshole pharmacists that are “put out” for having to do their job. And I had the bitch of the pharmacy today. There are only 2 nice pharmacists at my pharmacy.

Just more hoops to have to jump through.

I am undecided if I am going to make a big stink about this or not. Or if I am going to call the pharmacy and let them know what the drug company said. I just don’t have the energy.


2 thoughts on “Hoops”

  1. I feel your pain. Pre-authorisations, approvals, numbers, payments, phone calls, speaking to 10 different people who all do the same ‘security questions’ is enough to drive me all the way back into hospital. I would just call the pharmacy and get it over with. The less fuss, the better for your own personal well-being. Good luck, I hope it goes smoothly!

    1. Thanks. I really need to. I have a cousin who is a pharmacist at a hospital, and she explained that it is not the pharmacists job to call. It is kind of up to their discretion. If they are feeling nice and are not bombarded with other work, they might. She is looking for any other discounts that may be available that isn’t such a hassle. It’s just when this kind of stuff happens, it’s a trigger for me and I get 7 different kinds of livid. Although, I am proud of myself, this time I didn’t react as I usually do. Which is progress!

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