Night Time Mania/Hypomania

Anyone else feel like they just got shot with some adrenaline at about 5 or 6 in the evening? I’ve noticed this is when my mania starts. I googled and noticed other people have this problem, but it doesn’t seem to be prevalent. Just thought I would ask you guys.


5 thoughts on “Night Time Mania/Hypomania”

    1. My husband suggested I find something to do with my hands, like knit or crochet. I suppose I could get my jewlery making stuff out and keep busy. I actually cleaned my bedroom up a bit. Found a bottle of Buspar! Huzzah! LOL

  1. Lol. Any strategy is better than none right ?, feel free to add me to Twitter if you ever want to chat. 🙂 AmbivalentAmy@twitter

  2. I get this!! My partner jokes that he knows when bedtime is approaching because I’ll start talking animatedly and shuffling furniture. I can feel tired all day then around 8 – 10pm I’ll get increasingly energetic. After several days of this we usually see the beginnings of a manic episode.

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