Why is all the wine gone?

… because I drank it, of course! A whole bottle of wine, by myself. Yes, I was drunk. And then I cursed myself. “Oh, I’m going to sleep GOOD tonight!”

Not so much.

I went to bed at 9. woke up at midnight (with a splitting headache).
Husband was sawing logs, so I came out to the living room to sleep on the couch.

I am apparently back to my normal “nap” routine. Sleep 2 or 3 hours, wake up. Rinse and repeat.

Time to get a different sleeping pill. This one is so done.


4 thoughts on “Why is all the wine gone?”

    1. Yep, totally. I almost liked my life better when not on a sleeping pill and just staying up all night. Never mind, no I don’t. I just remembered what a bitch I was when my life was like that. LOL

      1. Ja I know. Sometimes we just have to do what we have to do, to be how we need to be, not to be what we want to be. And then I can’t help but think…who is the real me? Anyhooo, enough philosophical stuffs!

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