Dealing with Sad News

I didn’t want to start the new year on a downer, but I guess I am. I just learned that a friend of mine passed away last night. She had kidney failure. Stephanie was a great person. Was always trying to remain happy even though her life was rough. We had several classes together in high school, and I remember them just like yesterday. We always had English classes together and always sat by each other. My heart is breaking today. She had a daughter whom she loved with every fiber of her being, but due to her health issues, she gave custody to a set of grandparents. I am hoping she got to visit with her daughter at least, before she passed. I know she was having problems getting some visitation time here recently. Stephanie wasn’t alone when she passed. Her mother was by her side. I’m not sure if that was a blessing or a curse; she had a love/hate relationship with her mother. Her mom is old school Guatemalan, and was very hard on Steph.

My only hope is that Stephanie is no longer in pain or sick. I hope she has found solace in the ever-after, and can now watch over her daughter 24/7. Stephanie, I’m going to miss you. You were a true gem. I hope you know how much you were loved and cared about by those who called you their friend.


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