How Todays turn into tomorrows and yesterdays. Or The Fine Art of Procrastination

I seem to spend all my todays thinking about tomorrows.

Tomorrow I’m going to get on the treadmill, because today I feel great. I’m also going to go to Subway tomorrow and get my favorite sandwhich; turkey on wheat, lettuce, heavy on the pickles, heavy on the olives, heavy on the salt and pepper, and heavy on the oil and vinegar. Yeah! That is the plan for tomorrow!”

Today (aka: the tomorrow that came):
“I think I am going to lay here on the couch and find something to watch on TV and take a nap. I really want that subway sandwhich, but it is too fucking cold to go out and I don’t really want to get dressed and “people”. Maybe I will get it tomorrow. I should get my progress reports written out, Sunday will be here before ya know it. SHIT! I have to write out a lesson plan and think of an activity.” *clicks TV on with remote and starts watching Dr. Phil and falls asleep until 2pm.

“Man, I should have went to Subway. I should do my progress reports and lesson plan tonight after the kids go to bed. Fuck it, I’ll do it tomorrow. I wonder if I am getting sick, or if this is just allergies. I feel a bit feverish. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better and get my shit together. Or maybe I will just wonder why the hell I didn’t do anything today/tonight.”

Procrastinate much?

I think I need to get my shit together.


4 thoughts on “How Todays turn into tomorrows and yesterdays. Or The Fine Art of Procrastination”

  1. haha I’m exactly the same. Fear and anxiety get to me – they’re my stop-block. So I’ve taken to writing lists and crossing them off. Like right now, I need to go to the shop for smokes. But I keep telling myself I’ll go tomorrow before work. But I know I’ll be caught in back to school traffic and that’ll make me late. So today it has to be…. but OHMYGOD now I have to put a bra on…… I’ll go tomorrow……. maybe 😀

    1. YES! Yes to that so freaking hard! I do that all the flippen time! Gotta schedule the smoke run at just the right time, but damn it having to put a bra on! Some days I really hate having big gals! It would be nice to be that kinda woman who has a smaller chest and wouldn’t matter if I had a bra on or not. :/

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