Informative day

First and foremost, I have been emailing back and forth with Latuda’s drug company about their savings card. The woman has been very informative. Seems as though the pharmacist dropped the ball. To which I am NOT surprised, because if you remember me telling you in my original post about this, I had the bitchy pharmacist that day. But now I know what the message says that the pharmacist gets, and the phone number that they are provided with, AND the customer representatives phone number, so if the pharmacy wants to pull their shit again, I have a phone number to call when I am AT the pharmacy to get all this crap straightened out. Seems like a bunch of crap to have to go through, but money is tight. If I can get my $50 Rx for $15, I’m gonna pitch a bitch until I get it, even if the savings are only good for one year!


I called the doctors office this afternoon to see if I could get in earlier than the 19th, you know, to figure out why the hell I am vomiting every morning, and to discuss the possible side affects of my medications mixing, and why not throw in my needle poking sensation I get in my feet and the numbness I get in my back. No such luck. They have no appointments available. Again, I am not surprised. It’s the season for everyone to be sick. Admittedly, I feel guilty even trying to get an appointment earlier, I’m just puking after all. But too many people are concerned about me and keep telling me that this is an issue. And I will bet you 10 to 1, they are going to make me take a pregnancy test, even though I KNOW I am not pregnant. You know, they have to cover their bases. *sigh*


Hubby came home early today. He has gained a bunch of weight, so he started back up at the gym again. He declared that he is going to stop drinking. I halfway believe it. Because he has an addiction problem, he often trades one addiction for another. And when he starts working out and watching his weight, he gets REALLY into it. He also told me this weekend that he was going back to eating Paleo, which means I will too. Which is fine, it’s not bad. Just expensive and also making meals turns into a production. There is a lot of prep work that goes into it and for me can be very tiring and often makes my body ache (thank you, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis). But It’s all good, and I don’t mind.


I called my parents house last night, forgetting that my mom was still at my sister’s taking care of her boys while her and her husband were away for the weekend. I talked to my dad for a little bit. I talked to him for about 10-15 minutes and then I told him I was going to let him go. (side note: my dad is not a phone talker. Mainly because he is hard of hearing from working with aircraft and helicopters during his Navy career, so I try not to keep him on the phone long.) Apparently he called me back a few minutes later (I forgot to turn my ringer back on, I had it turned off for Church that day) and I noticed he left a voicemail. I listened to the voicemail, and it choked me up. He was fighting back tears in the message, I could hear the choke-up in his voice and the quivering tone. He apologized for not being one to talk on the phone, but he wanted me to know that he loves me. As my dad is getting up there in age, he is turning more sentimental. And it is even worse if he has been without my mom for a couple days. I am undecided if I am going to say anything to my mom about this or not. I probably will just tell her something like “Don’t leave dad home alone for more than a day anymore, please.” I shudder to think what will happen if my mom dies first, He will be completely and utterly lost without her. My mom is much stronger, or at least hides things better than my dad. I think it would be better if he went first. Not that I wasn’t either of them to go, but you know…


I woke up this morning and found out that David Bowie passed away. I was shocked and in disbelief, I had to research to make sure it wasn’t one of those stupid internet hoaxes. And then I saw that the New York Times posted it, so I knew it was true. I am going to miss him. Not that I knew him or anything, but he was a person who I could turn to on occasion in a round about way. I didn’t like ALL of his music, but I liked a lot of it. And I loved him in Labyrinth. It is hard to pick just ONE favorite song of his. So I will share two with you. One is a collaboration with Placebo, the other is not. Thank God we have his music to keep his memory alive. He will be missed.



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