Just when you think everything is out of control, you realize you are a super-hero

I think I should rename my blog “Hot Mess” or “50 Shades of Fucked Up”. LOL

Last night was a doozey, but in all of that chaos, I found something out about myself.

We had to call an ambulance last night. My 16 year old son, fell down the basement stairs, and dislocated his left knee. This is a knee that was injured last year and he had to go to PT for. My husband was a pale, freaking out-but trying to remain calm, mess, my youngest daughter was freaking the hell out, my youngest son was upstairs passed out in his room, and my injured son was in shock on the verge of passing out.

I remained calm. I had that shit! My cape was on, blowing in the breeze of pure awesomeness. I called 911, I went down and held my 6 foot 1, baby. Caressing his hair, rubbing his back, asking him if he felt ok, telling him he was going to be ok and help was on the way. I had to wrangle all of the animals and put them in my bedroom, and had my daughter take care of them all and not let anyone out of my room, to keep her mind on something else other than her big brother.

His knee cap was re-located to the left side of his leg. It was swollen, it was gruesome, and I felt all kinds of horrible for him. And I prayed.

I called my mom, my daughter, and his god mother. I emailed my in-laws. (They live out of state)

Long story short, he is back home. Was only at the ER for an hour. His knee pooped back into place before they came in to do x-rays. Hubby followed the ambulance to the ER by the way, I stayed at home with the kids.

My daughter asked me “Mom? How did you keep so calm and strong?”

That took me by surprise. I hadn’t realized I had been. Because inside I was a hot fucking mess! And then I realized something. I don’t give myself nearly enough credit. Yeah, I lose my shit every now and again, but when it matters most? I keep that shit together, and everything is taken care of. I get business taken care of.

Chances are YOU DO TOO! Take this as a personal reminder — YOU GOT THIS! When it matters most, you got this shit and everything is going to be ok in that moment!

Today, I feel exhausted. And because of all the excitement last night, and the rain today, my fibromyalgia has flared up. My body hurts, and I just want to sleep. But no one will let me do that today. But that is ok. I can just go to bed early tonight or sleep in tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Just when you think everything is out of control, you realize you are a super-hero”

  1. You handled that like a champ! And its true, we DO underestimate our abilities. Thanks for the valid reminder. My father has fibromyalgia, so I empathise with you the pain you’re in. I hope it eases soon. And by the way, I really enjoy your writing style 😉

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