I forgot to add this conversation I had with my pdoc:

Doc: “What happens if you don’t take your Sonata?”

Me: “Um…. I don’t sleep.”

Doc: “Ok, maybe you should stop taking it for like a week.”

Me: *blink* *blink* “Uh…..ok?”

Doc:”Sometimes stopping meds for awhile will ‘shock’ your system back into shape.”

Me – in my head : “Um did you HEAR the part where I said I DON’T SLEEP if I don’t take it? What in the HELL am I supposed to do for a week with no sleep? Oh, go manic? Get depressed? It could go either way, bitch. You DO realize I have kids to take care of, right? You DO realize that if I get no sleep at night, the possibility of me passing out during the day, and totally screwing up my sleep is GOING to happen. And oh the pain flare I will experience will be ever-so-pleasant!”

Me – in reality: *blink* “Um, ok, I see what you are saying. I will think about it.”


Seriously! How absurd is that???? Had I NOT been in a clinic, I probably would have unleashed on her and told her what I really thought. But, being kicked out of the clinic was not on my to-do list today. My hubby is gonna get a hard chuckle out of that one. And it is stupid stuff like this that “we” are told, that causes so many of us to reach for drugs or alcohol to “fix” the problem. Because believe you-me, if I could get my hand on a bag of weed, it would so be on! But then I would be paranoid about the surprise drug test they would give me, because of the sleeping pills I am on, that she is telling me to take a break from. See a cycle?

I do honestly see what she is saying, and I have been in this game long enough to know that what she is saying is true. It is just hard to hear and very difficult to put into motion. I really gotta get this sleep study done, for the sake of myself, my sanity, and my families safety.


7 thoughts on “Addenum”

  1. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a medical professional but stopping a medication to “shock your system” is one of the more asinine things I have heard. I would seriously think about getting a second opinion on that one.

    1. I agree with ya, Vic. But ironically, when it comes to sleep meds, what she is saying is true. It “re-sets” your internal clock. I have been asked to do this before with my previous doctor. In my opinion, it is a lot to ask of a bipolar patient. So many things can go wrong. Most importantly, my sleep schedule will be fubard for a good while. I told my husband about this last night, and I told him I would give him a heads up before I do this. I told him I am going to be a walking zombie. He corrected me, told me I would get *some* sleep, but not at normal human hours. LOL He speaks the truth! I just really gotta get red-hot on getting a sleep study. I’m pretty positive I do have sleep apnea, and if sleeping with a mask on every night will give me a good night of uninterrupted sleep, I’m in!

      1. That was my main concern, not the sleep med itself but how the “reset” would affect other aspects of your mental health.

    1. Actually, the method of madness behind taking me off the sleep meds for a week is for my body to “reset” itself. The sleep study would be to see if I have sleep apnea or something else wrong. But you get the idea. I haven’t gone off my sleep meds YET. I’m trying to find a good time to do that.

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