Doctors Visits (needles, and vomit, and boobs, OH MY!)

I had two rounds of Dr. appointments today. First one was with my pdoc. Meds are staying the same but she will not change my sleep meds. She wants me to get a sleep study and get to the underlying issue of what is causing the interrupted sleep. I asked her “How am I going to get a sleep study, if I can’t sleep?” She tells me not to worry, they have experience in this and can figure things out. So, I need to check my insurance and see what the deal is with that; how much they will pay, etc…

Round two was my family doctor. I told her about my needles in my feet, numbness in my back, and of course the daily vomiting.

Let’s start with the easy problem first. The numbness in my back is because my chest is too big (I am a whopping 42-H!!!). And any ladies out there with large chests, you will get a kick out of what she told me… “Try different bras.” Reeeeeeeeeeeeeallllly? I would love to “try” different bras, but when they are over 50 bucks a pop AT LEAST, I think this is NOT an option! But, I will concede and do as she says. She is rx-ing me a muscle relaxer to see if that will help any.

Onto the needles and the vomiting… She checked over my feet, asked me a bunch of questions. And I stumped her. So she took blood to check my thyroid and blood sugar. I go back in 4 – 6 weeks.

I didn’t mention anything about the sleep study to her at this juncture, because I need to take care of my kid and his knee first. He has an appointment on Friday. If no surgery for him, I will tell the family doc about the sleep study when I go back and see her.

I am also going to look into breast reduction surgery in the near future, after everything is ok with my son. Quite frankly, I don’t need such large jugs. I’d be happy to go down to a DD or a D the smallest. I’ve got a large frame, and I will just look silly if I go any smaller. I still want to look somewhat proportioned.

I also have to get labs done for my pdoc sometime this week. I wanna wait for my puncture hole to heal before I go get stuck again. And weather is going to be bad this week, so maybe I will hold off on that until next week.

So, really, nothing much was handled. Still don’t know why I’m puking every morning (Pdoc DOESN’T think it is the Latuda. Family Doc things it COULD be the Latuda — Don’tcha love it???) Still don’t know about my needles in my feet (I hear it is a part of fibromyalgia, but doc didn’t say it was normal, she seemed concerned about it. I guess with a family history of diabetes, she wants to rule that out first.) But, I DID score some muscle relaxers, which will come in handy for this back pain!

Now, I get to discuss all of this with the hubby when he comes home tonight and give him an ulcer. Because, yeah, spending money on medical issues is my way of having a good time!!! Oh, I see the Snark has come out to play already!


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