Penny For Your Thoughts…

So, I’ve been pondering doing a podcast for awhile. I’ve been thinking about it more seriously as of late. But before I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, into this, I thought I would ask you all a few questions…

If there was a podcast on Bipolar/Mental Illness, would you listen?

If yes to the above question, what would you like to hear about? (ex. New Meds on the market, Fighting Stigma, Real life with a mental illness or Bipolar, family dynamics, etc etc…)

Do you listen to any podcasts? Or are they an outdated thing?

Please chime in. 🙂



9 thoughts on “Penny For Your Thoughts…”

  1. I’d listen! I’d like to hear anything and everything to do with mental illness. Mix it up and keep them coming. Where would I find your podcast if you go for it?

    1. I don’t know yet. I just got a program, I need to find out where to have it hosted. I didn’t get that far ahead in my plan yet. 🙂

      1. Well, when you figure it all out let me know. I would do the podcast the same way that you do this blog. Just be yourself, people like that. 🙂

  2. If I were to listen to a podcast, I’d want to hear about someone’s real life, their real-life experience. IMHO there are too many blogs where people are trying to educate others about Bipolar and when I go looking, it’s not because I want education, I want to sympathize, and I want comfort from hearing another’s experience, struggles and victories.

    1. Thanks for your input. I 100% agree with you! I think the best “learning” we can do, is through people’s experiences. Our own or others. 🙂 I also feel the need to be understood. And if someone shares their experience that I can relate to, it makes me feel not alone, in turn, feeling better about me and/or my situation.

  3. I’ve never listened to a podcast (technologically challenged 😀 ) however my partner listens to several…mainly games podcasts, but a few extras too. I know for sure he would be seriously interested in listening to a Bipolar podcast, if you did one. He’s constantly looking for ways to understand the illness more and trying to see what it’s like to be in the Bipolar person’s shoes. It’d be cool if you did do one because then I could listen to it with him 😀

    I’d like to hear about pretty much anything to do with Bipolar, too. Medications always interest me , other people’s experiences and I’m always looking for new meds that don’t have terrifying side effects (in the UK there’s not much choice for this so I spend hours searching the ‘net). I also very much appreciate places that aren’t always ‘Bipolar is easily managed’, ‘everyone with Bipolar can be stable, happy and work full-time’ etc. When I was first diagnosed I got tired of reading site after site telling me these things whilst I was struggling to get through a day 😛

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