Mental Mush

Yesterday I suffered from Mental Mush. I’m pretty sure some of you have experienced this. It is when your brain feels like mush; you cant think, let alone hold a thought. You are mentally tired and don’t want to put much effort into using your thinking cap. Not sure how I got that way, unless I was just exhausted from a day full of two doctors appointments the previous day. Oh wait! NOW I KNOW!!! The kids were off of school for a snow day AND the husband was working from home.

I am putting extra serious thought in the podcast, thanks to all who chimed in. Sent an email to the hubby to see if he was opposed to me purchasing a domain. The one I want is only $2.99 for a year, so that is good.

But I’m still in mush mode today. It started back in after my kids came home. Perhaps too much stimuli. Empaths have those problems, and I am one of them, so…. There ya go.

Tomorrow should be extra stressful.

Grocery Shopping (which is sure to be fun, because we have a snow storm coming in the afternoon, so it is going to be a madhouse!)
Son’s appt. with the Orthopedic Surg. (hubby is taking him to that so I can go to the grocery)
Labs (Before I go to the grocery, it is right on my way, so why not get it out of the way)
Kids get out of school early tomorrow, so…. no rest for the wicked!


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