Testing, testing….

Tomorrow I get my labs done from my pdoc. Please hear me when I say, if you’re on meds, and you haven’t had labs done, you need to question why or you need to talk to your general practitioner/family doc about getting some tests done.

When I was seeing the “bad” doctor, out of the 5 years I was seeing her, she NEVER ordered labs. Seeing as how this was my first run in the rodeo, I didn’t think this was a problem. People would tell me they thought it was odd or not right, that I wasn’t getting labs done. Like I said, I didn’t think much of it.


I had some gallbladder issues. My liver panels were WAY bad, to the point they thought I had Hep. C! I asked if it could have been my meds wacking out my liver, and the answer was “You have never had any labs done, so we can’t say for sure.”

Now, your liver panels notoriously are bad when your gallbladder goes bad. But mine were really REALLY bad. I was in the hospital hooked up to morphine for a week, kind of “bad”.

Now I have a new doc, because I ditched the bad doc, and I get labs done about every 6 months.

If you are on Lithium or another salt compound type medication, you might get this done more often. But PLEASE make sure you get labs done especially if taking a salt compound!

I had made mention to my psych. the time before last I saw her, that I had noticed the depekote fucked up my cholesterol. So She is taking extra caution this round of labs and getting that checked.

My Lab Orders is as follows:
Lipid Panel (cholesterol check)
CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: checks organ function; liver, diabetes, kidneys)
TSH (Thyroid)
CBC (Complete Blood Count)
Hg A1C (Diabetes)

I think she is doing good ad covering the bases. I feel safe and good about this. It makes me feel like my doctor actually cares.

We must remember, that a lot of the meds we are on as bipolar patients, can cause diabetes, high cholesterol, and kidney/liver damage. ESPECIALLY if anything runs in your family! In my case, diabetes and high cholesterol/heart disease.

Please, PLEASE, as my friends, if you are not getting labs done, let this be one of the things you are pro-active about!

sidenote: hubby gave me the green light for hosting and domain purchases. SCHWING!


4 thoughts on “Testing, testing….”

  1. I have labs done every 3 to 4 months, and I’m glad my pdoc cares enough to have them done frequently.
    Also, congrats on the hosting and domain purchases… I can’t wait to check it out!

  2. What sort of thing should they be doing regularly, if you are on meds? I know some meds need special / more frequent testing (the obvious being Lithium), but what sort of things should be done on any med?

    I’ve been on meds for seven years now and they’ve only taken my bloods once, and I had an ECG years back when I first started taking Quetiapine.

    1. CBC is something that is usually done and if you have a family history of diabetes or heart issues, they should be checking your sugar (which can be done through a CBC I *think*) and your cholesterol. Salt compounds if you are on a salt compound med like Lithium or Depekote. Many drugs, for example Quetiapine, can cause diabetes and high cholesterol. Liver enzymes should be checked too, because all these meds can really screw up a liver. (I think a CBC covers that too)

      1. Okay, that’s really good to know 🙂 I assume the blood test I had a while back was one of them, and we’ll mention it at our next appt too. Thanks!

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