The Time Has Come

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”
– Excerpt from The Walrus and the Carpenter
from Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll

The time has come for me to find a therapist. For some reason, I am having such a difficult time doing this. I’ve looked for some in the past, and have a practice picked out where I wish to go. It just seems that making the appointment is quite a task.

I think the difficulty of doing this is fueled by guilt. We can’t really afford for me to go to a therapist. We are by no means destitute, but we are living from paycheck to paycheck. And with the oldest son and his knee issue, we have enough medical bills. If I can avoid going to therapy, I will.

But, in order to get “better”, I gotta take care of me. And again with the guilt. But I gotta get over that.

I’ve GOT TO!

But it is so hard!

My goal today is to make an appointment, hopefully for next week. I hope I meet that goal.

But then I’m like “What am I going to talk about? You are completely fine! You can manage this on your own!”

No, I can’t. I really can’t.

On the upside, the depression has seem to subsided for today. I hope it stays away. I ain’t got no time for that! LOL


One thought on “The Time Has Come”

  1. My therapist likes to use the oxygen mask on a plane as the example. You have to put your mask on first or you won’t be conscious enough to help anyone else. *hugs* you can do this !

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