all aboard the hot mess express

I am a hot-fucking-mess today. There really is no other way to describe it. My sister is a red-head, she gets it honestly. Me? It is out of character. I’m usually fine with letting things be and let them work themselves out…. The old addage “it will all come out in the wash” describes my approach to things.

Except for today.

Today started with me sending a nice, yet firm, email to my health insurance in regards to a Pre-Auth that is going on with one of my meds. I chose to email instead of calling because I wasn’t in the mood, nor did I have the strength, to speak to someone whom English was their second language (no offense – but EVERYTHING these days is outsourced), nor did I have the patience to tell someone my problem and then have them say “Oh, let me transfer you”, only to have to explain everything all over again. I like to pick my own battles.

Then, after that, I decided that the podcast I recorded yesterday was crap, so I deleted it, and had intentions to re-record today. But that never happened, because I was exhausted and needed sleep.

Went to pick my son up this afternoon from school, and found out that there is some sort of problems with his transcripts which set. me. off.
So I came home, emailed his counselor at school to ask her what the problem was. Then I stewed in that viscous brew.

Instead of leaving well enough alone, and waiting for the counselor to get back to me, I decided to go off on the superintendent of his old school.Sent her a nasty email. Because I was pissed and because this issue is TIME SENSITIVE and I want it fixed yesterday.

The husband comes home, I explain what is going on, JUST IN CASE he runs into the counselor tonight at the class scheduling meeting tonight.
Long story short, it is quite possible I have made an ass out of myself. And THAT pisses me off. At myself of course. Because what is my problem that I couldn’t just sit back and let things unfold, like I used to?

I am in pain, which is probably a large chunk of my problem. I have been out of my pain meds going on three weeks. Yeah, waiting on that Pre Authorization from the insurance company… It’s not even a narcotic or controlled substance, which really pisses me off, and there is no other alternative that can be given to me. There are only 3 meds for fibromyalgia, and the one they most likely want me to go on, is one I can’t take because it causes me to act and feel like an Alzheimer’s patient.

I had a soak in the tub to help with the pain and to try and relax. It helped, but I’m still a hawt mess.

Tomorrow is shopping day, which is going to be a no nap day for me, because I have to leave the house at 1 to go get my son from school tomorrow, and I will get home from the store between 11 and noon.

I’m breathing.
I’m looking for my center.
Too bad weed is not legal.

I told hubby when he walked in with a bottle of Jack tonight, “Oh goodie! I might need a shot of that tonight!” To which he told me not to drink it all, because it went up two bucks.

Really? Bite me.

3 thoughts on “all aboard the hot mess express”

  1. Oh god, what a bad day! Don’t feel alone. I am also know for sending prematurely angry messages to people/companies etc and end up making a real arse of myself. I hope your pain meds come through, like….yesterday because fibromyalgia is NO JOKE

    1. FINALLY got my meds yesterday. After I called the insurance company and spoke to several different people. Found out the Pharmacy was inputting the RX wrong. So I had to call the pharmacy yesterday, to tell them they were doing something wrong, and of course they said they were not. Oh, but wait! There are TWO sets of instructions with the Rx! They input the instructions for the lower dose, which is a step med (take one for one week, take two for one week, and increase one pill each week until up to 50 mg). I told them to try the OTHER instructions, which were for the RX and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… surprise, surprise, the insurance accepted it! I was so pissed. I am changing pharmacies.

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