Saying Sorry – It’s what’s for dinner

An to update you on yesterdays mental breakdown, I did, in fact, make an ass out of myself. I did apologize to the superintendent of the old school.
I did get an email response from the counselor today, explaining to me that they DO have N’s transcripts, they just don’t have them entered yet, because seniors have priority. Not a very good excuse, but, whatevs.

Went grocery shopping today, and DID manage to get a nap in, because N and S stayed home from school today. N was taking a “mental health” day, and S is sick. Which I am getting. Sharing is caring!

Still no word from my insurance company, which I fully expected as much.

B is out tonight for a Masonic function and he notified me that he will literally be gone all day tomorrow. I asked him if he ever missed me. He said he did. Sometimes it is just hard to believe.

So, tonight I have my hands full. I will be home with the kids, who are in a nit-picking mood, and one is sick. I plan on cleaning the house tonight, IF my body will let me. And even if it doesn’t, I’m still gonna do it and just soak in a bath. (side note, one of the many things I forgot at the store today was Epsom salts– damn it!)

Wish me luck tonight. These kids are driving me nuts.

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