Lesson Learned

Yesterday I completely forgot to take my Latuda. We ate dinner and I reminded myself to take it, and then promptly forgot until bedtime. So, I took it WITH my Sonata. Take my advice, don’t EVER do that.

I had reservations when I took them, but I didn’t listen to myself. I started listening at 1 a.m., when I was puking all over my bathroom floor.

Yep. NEVER again!

I’m hoping for a good day today. I’m halfway there, as I woke up pain free — that is always a good start! Gotta get ready for Sunday School. Today we are celebrating Mardi Gras, which is great, because no lesson planned is involved. We are burning last years palm fronds to make ashes for Ash Wednesday, burring the Alleluia banner, and having a party. Then back to the classrooms to work on our Mardi Gras masks.

And of course today is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY here is the states, so we will be having a little party here at home; just family. Making lasagna as the main course, but making some bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, chili-cheese dip, and having chips and dip for snacks. We are rooting for the Carolina Panthers, because my husband is from North Carolina, my sister also works with one of the player’s mom, so…

I also need to get caught up on laundry today, since kids have school Monday. Thankfully I’m almost done with that.

My Sunday appears to have no room for stress, bipolar, or fatigue! 🙂 I hope they all got the memo!


6 thoughts on “Lesson Learned”

      1. My 8 year old is taking the Panther loss, very hard. Which is so funny, because we don’t generally follow sports. She wants to watch the Superbowl next year. LOL I actually went to bed about 9 last night. The score was like 7 – 12 at the time. I gave up the ghost… LOL Hubby stayed up to finish the game and kept hope alive, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. To be fair, the Broncos did play well, and the Panthers couldn’t keep hold of the darn ball! So, congrats on your teams win! 🙂

      2. Just as my Aunt was saying, there’s gotta be a winner, and there’s gotta be a loser. It’s the nature of the game. Two years ago, we got pounded and humiliated. This time, we won. Yay! It’s just a happy moment in time.

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