Hit me!

I am pretty sure I need an increase on my Latuda. I can’t seem to find pleasure in anything these days. I’m NOT suicidal, so THAT is good. But I’ve just been pretty melancholy and lost for lack of a better term.

I managed to clean up the house today, even turned the radio on, in hopes that would alleviate some of this blah I have going on. No such luck.

I’m not even sure when my next appointment is. I need to search for my appointment card.

Right now I am drinking some coffee. I’m not sure why, because it is not going to help.

Here is to hoping these blues turn into yellows (ya know, since yellow is a happy color).


2 thoughts on “Hit me!”

    1. The shift happened. I had a decent day yesterday. Today wasn’t too bad either, just really busy. Soon to be even more busy since it is tax time. oy vey!

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