Lack of Empathy

So, I came across this article Do People With Bipolar Have a Lack of Empathy

I do not agree with the article, but I’m not a good person to say anything about it since I am an empath

What say you? Do you agree with this? I would be interested in their findings with more research.

I have no problems with feeling empathy. The only thing that trips me up, is laughing or crying at inappropriate times. But I hear this is common with people who have bipolar disorder.

Anyone here have a problem with empathy? I would like to hear about it. Feel free to share your experiences.


5 thoughts on “Lack of Empathy”

  1. I’m too antsy to read the article, but I will do so later – for now here are my thoughts on empathy.

    I maybe have a problem with empathy when I am in an extreme episode (is that what the article was saying?) eg. when I’m very manic I don’t understand people who are anything other than happy…sad, tired etc just doesn’t click with me. However normally I am *very* emphatic – watching someone who is very sad, or likewise very happy, has me crying haha. Not even people I know, documentaries do it to me. If a friend is in trouble or family members are sad, I worry myself sick over them. Literally 😛

  2. I believe I have empathy. I feel bad most of the time when other people feel bad. But I’m also well known for smiling or laughing at very inappropriate times. I mean, I laughed and smiled uncontrollably at my best friends wake. I also broke into song about suicide when my sister and brother-in-law told me about a teen they knew committed suicide. I think it all has something to do with the mood we’re in at the time. I don’t know… maybe I don’t have empathy, maybe I just feel bad because I feel bad, and not because others do. This is a tough one.

  3. I think some of that was pseudo-science bullshit. I think empathy is in part the individual and also in large part what is going on situationally.

    For example: If someone with a MBA came up to me and said “woe is me because I got let go from my job and I have not found any work for the last year and I am broke” I would probably tell them to f**k off. It’s not that I am not an empathetic person, it’s just that I happen to have an MBA, was laid off but found work within a month (yes making less money and not having a “lofty” title but pride works both ways). So situationally I have little empathy.

    I find my wife to be very empathetic however she (like me) has little tolerance for bulls**t.

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