Dueling Banjos (aka the tale of two doctors)

Just got back from my GP appointment. I got put on Lipitor, as my cholesterol was very high (I’m not shocked).

I talked to her about the psych wanting me to get a sleep study, and she went ahead and put the referral in. However, she did it just to appease the psych. She told me that it is extremely difficult to get people with fibromyalgia to sleep well. Couple that with the bipolar disorder, and she is not surprised that my sleep is crap.

So, I know and my GP knows, that my sleep issue is genuine. I don’t have fucking sleep apnea. The cards are stacked against me as far as sleep is concerned. I understand the psych wanted to cover all bases, but…. for the love of gawd, I don’t have money to just throw at a sleep study, because she doesn’t want to change my fucking pill.

So, my plan of attack is to talk to my psych when I go in to see her, remind her of the fibromyalgia, tell her what the doc said, and I am even going to give her permission to discuss this with the GP!

All I want is to change my sleeping pills because the ones that I have don’t work, and it’s no wonder, because I found out they are a mild sleeping pill.

With all of that bullcrap, the nicer weather has my head buzzing and full of racing “noise”. Last night I took 2 sleeping pills (which is allowed) and two benedryl.

I’m going to try and see if I can get in earlier to see the psych.

Dealing with one issue is hard enough, throw in multiple diagnosis (bipolar, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism) and two doctors that can’t seem to agree on treatment.

My life is awesome. 🙂

This too shall pass… I just hate having to go through it.


One thought on “Dueling Banjos (aka the tale of two doctors)”

  1. It can be tough but making sure all your medical professionals are on the same page is critical. Good for you for being a self advocate over your medical care.

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