Just when you think you are not good enough…

Had a nice talk with an old client of mine on Saturday. She really stroked my ego. It was nice to hear someone say nice things about me. Sometimes we forget how “good” we are. We spend so much time thinking we are no good at anything that we actually believe it. She even offered to be a reference for me during my job hunt. I thought it was especially nice, because I never actually finished her project. You see, she was a client when I had my advertising/webpage building business. For one reason or another I ended the contract, but I worked very hard designing a site for her and optimizing her placement in the search engines. I was ethical, I was prompt, I was communicative, I was easy to work with. And it paid off. Mind you I was manic when building her site. It is amazing the difference our brains are when manic and not manic. At any rate, she made me think about a few things I could do to spiff up my resume, she also gave me the courage to take chances on applying for jobs I know I can do, but for whatever reason telling myself I’m too dumb or inexperienced to do them. It was a discussion I needed.


One thought on “Just when you think you are not good enough…”

  1. Glad you were able to get this much needed perspective. Now go out and conquer the job search world!

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