F is for FUN!

Had my Dr appointment today. Increased my Latuda to 40 mg. I was not myself today and the doctor noticed. I was having a problem getting my thoughts to come out into the words I wanted to use; very disjointed.

In the waiting area, this guy sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME. There were a lot of open chairs available, but he chose to invade my personal bubble. I don’t mind if there is nowhere else to sit, but…. dude! There were open chairs available! To make matters worse, he went out to the vending area and purchased some pop tarts, and ate them, sitting next to me, while making circular motions with his arms with each chew. I was glad the doc called my name when she did. I was getting a bit of the anxiety.

Before my appointment, I went and voted. When I got home from my appointment and I ordered lunch. I got an Italian sandwich and a Greek Salad from my favorite pizza place. IT WAS SO GOOD!

I hope to get a podcast done this week. Not sure of a topic, so maybe I’ll talk a little bit about a lot?


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