Primary Decisions

Today I go vote for the Primary. My big issue is Mental Health Care. In my opinion, the Mental Health Care in the USA is flawed, and as it is near and dear to my heart, it is an important issue for me. So, in preparation, I have searched reputable sites ( if that is such a thing on the internet these days) that will help me see where the candidates stand on this issue.

While they all agree that the MHCS needs work, no one (that I could find) has made an attempt to provide a solution to this problem. The closest that I could find was that the MHCS needs to be revamped. Well, I think all of us in the US can agree with that, but what is your plan? Where would you start? How would you go about bettering these things? None of THESE questions have been answered (from what I can find). This disturbs me.

A lot of the candidates are focusing on ONE thing, like Veterans, Criminals, Suicidal/Homocidal people. Well, that is not ALL mental health! What about the rest of us? How are you planning on helping us? WE need help too!

I don’t have answers or suggestions on what could or should be done. I’m not in politics, nor am I a very political person. That is not my world, and I don’t know how it all works. But in THEIR position, they should have some idea, some suggestion, even if it just sounds pretty.

But I have found nothing.

And it puts me in a dilemma. THAT was my deciding factor on a candidate.I am torn between two (which I will not mention, but I will say neither one are Trump) and needed to see their answers to my questions.

I guess that is the American way… being blind in a crowd of people.

I don’t know why people want to come here.


2 thoughts on “Primary Decisions”

  1. Without getting too deep into it (I hate discussing politics) – in general I found everyone to be pretty lacking in details. In some cases I found many of the candidates to be lacking in understanding of many of the prime causes of the issues we face (especially when it comes to mental health).

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