Leprechauns Just Wanna Have Fun..

Because, yes… I’m blaming this ALL ON THE LEPRECHAUNS! Usually I blame this kind of crap of the Mercury Retrograde, but that isn’t an option right now.

Anxious to get my medication, and happy that they were being delivered today, I check on the website to track my order… Much to my surprise, it was delivered. The Delivery driver noted on the account he left it at my side door. Funny thing is, I don’t have a side door. And I’ve been home all day. And it was delivered at noon. I figured out this mess at 1 and called the pharmacy.

They called UPS, talked to the UPS driver, who told the nice lady he left it at my side door. To which she told him, I didn’t have a side door. To which UPS called me, to tell me the delivery driver would be at my house between 4:30 and 5:30 to “help me locate my package”. Um, it is now 5:35. My thing is, if he delivered it to the wrong house, he will be going to the wrong house to go help them find the package.

There is a house two streets over that gets our mail a lot. Usually the US Mail, not my UPS stuff. But I went over there when my son got home and asked the kind lady if she received my package by mistake. Nope, nada.

So, somewhere out in the world, is a package of my meds. Nothing too fun just the following: muscle relaxer, antacid, and cholesterol. Maybe the driver kept it for himself, thinking it was something “good”. The muscle relaxer is a mild relaxant and isn’t even name brand so it wouldn’t be obvious, unless someone opened my package and googled what was inside. Anything is possible. I just know it is not here and am SO EVER GRATEFUL that it wasn’t my psych meds that have gone missing! We will save that panic attack for next week apparently.

When I had signed up for this new pharmacy, I had some trepidation for this exact reason. Talked myself out of it though, because UPS is generally really good at bringing me my shit with no problems. Guess I was wrong.

In other news, My dad went in to see the heart specialist today to get scheduled for his bypass. Well, they are still waiting for an appointment date, but we have gone from a SINGLE bypass to a QUADRUPLE bypass. Yes, I took some ativan today. My poor brain can’t handle all of this excitement. If I had a joint (and if it was legal) I’d be smoking my little heart out to calm the hell down. Ativan will have to do.

It is now 5:45 and still no UPS or package. I’m going to have an ulcer by the end of today.

Thanks Leprechauns. I hope you have had your fill with trickery at my expense today. I’m even wearing green for gosh sake!

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