My mom has a friend, she is an old family friend, I’ve known her since I was 4 and I am now 43. My mom is her daughter’s God Mother. My mom lost touch with her over the years, between her moving and my mom moving, but from time to time me and my mom go looking for people online to see if we can find them. My mom found her a few months ago, and they have picked up where they left off, just like it should be.

However, it has come to light that she has Bipolar Disorder. And of course, my mother shares that I have it too. So then my mom gives her my phone number and tells her to call me.

The phone call consisted of a person who has been treated for 20 years for bipolar disorder, who has been off of her meds for a couple of months, and doesn’t have an appointment with her doctor until the 23 (the phone call took place a few days ago). At first I felt like I didn’t do her any service, as I just listened and answered questions she had about going through withdraws. She talked about how she didn’t want to be on meds any more, because if her body was feeling like this now, what in the hell was the medicine REALLY doing to her body. (YOU KNOW! We have ALL been there!)

Then the texts started coming in. I decided I was going to be a bit more firm and try to wrangle her back in. I felt so bad for her, because she has no resources, no one to talk to about this, and from what she says, her doc is not very good, he just throws pills at her with no explanation.

I explained to her this is a life long thing- it’s not going to go away. As much as I hated to do it, I used the “diabetes” as an example. It needs to be treated, you can’t just let it go on it’s own with no treatment. I was afraid that I was telling her things she didn’t want to hear. But if I want to be an advocate, I need to be honest, I need to also be gentle, but making sure I am honest in the process.

I told her if she was adamant about not going back on meds, to look for a homeopathic doctor or a naturopath. She lives in California, so I know these are viable options. But I also explained these types of doctors usually don’t accept insurance. I don’t know ALL of her business, but I would imagine she has some kind of social security or state assistance, because she has been institutionalized once or twice. Which even makes it more important that she takes her treatment seriously.

I hope I am helping her. I did tell her to call me anytime if she needed to talk. I plan on checking in with her tomorrow or the next day and see how her doctors appointment went. She is all alone and my heart breaks for her. I just hope that I have given her something to think about.


2 thoughts on “Helping”

  1. Iggy you did an amazing job! You gave gentle truth and options, but most importantly, compassion that only someone that truly understands can give. I hope she comes around. Sending good vibes both your way.

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