Sometimes we do things that we shouldn’t…

I did something yesterday that I knew I shouldn’t have done. I listened to a podcast that set me on fire. Figuratively of course. But I chose to NOT react. I chose to try and understand that not everyone is the same. Not everyone can believe in things that they can not see, and some bad experiences can jade a person’s view.

The person who did the podcast was a former friend. We are just “cordial” now. The topic was conditions vs diseases. This person once did NOT believe in therapy, and I found it quite ironic that they were spouting off the importance of therapy and dealing with issues if you have a “condition” that was not pathogenic (i.e. couldn’t be proven by blood tests). My how people change.

I had some issues with what they had to say about a certain condition (Fibromyalgia). But in a way it made me think, which was good. Bottom line was that this condition is bullshit and all in a person’s head (because THEY were misdiagnosed with it, and then underwent excessive testing to find out that it was something else). I understood what they were saying about doctors these days just throwing pills at things, and making up afflictions to make the masses happy, all in the name of the mighty big pharma. But…

I decided to do some research on what conditions were often mistaken for fibroymalgia. Hypothyroidism was one (which I have), arthritis was another (which I have).

Well, what in the hell does this have to do with bipolar disorder? I’m glad you asked. 🙂

It reminded me that there are people in the world that still have wool over their eyes. It reminded me that stigma is rampant and there is still so much work that needs to be done to educate about “invisible illnesses” like bipolar disorder. There is no blood test you can take to PROVE that you have it. And while it might be all in our head, it is a VERY REAL THING. Some people will not even consider peeling the wool off their eyes. Some people will never believe or understand until it happens to them. I wouldn’t wish bipolar on anyone. But for those that do have it, I have a compassion, I have an understanding, I have empathy. But… that is because I have it. So somehow I need to turn all of that compassion, understanding, and empathy, into something people can understand. Until I find a way to do that, I will keep sharing my experiences. My highs and lows. And educating to the best of my ability.


One thought on “Sometimes we do things that we shouldn’t…”

  1. Sounds like to me you have your priorities in order. Sometimes that is all you can do, focus on yourself and change what you can and accept what you cannot.

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