Maybe I’m Doing It All Wrong?

I desperately want to be a Mental Health Advocate. I am doing what I can now, but I want to do it in a full-time, almost professional type level. Apparently, it isn’t enough to just have experience with an illness. I ran across Mental Health First Aid. I thought this would be a perfect thing for me to do, to teach about mental health first aid. Sure, I would go to some classes to learn the basics of it, and then I could teach or hold some seminars here locally.


The idea of it all was great! Until I read through the website and application. You have to have experience with teaching adults (I don’t, only kids). You gotta have money; you have to pay for the seminar (over $1,000) plus your travel, and lodging, and whatever else is required. Of course there are no classes even in my STATE! I found this site through NAMI, which should have set off some bells and whistles for me, but I was hoping. Don’t get me wrong, NAMI is great, but it seems that they are really good at asking for donations, even from the patients!

I need to figure a way to achieve what I want to do. All the things they (places I have looked at for how to be an advocate) suggest to do is all at a governmental level, nothing at a local or personal level. I should have went to college right out of high school and achieved my dream. It is too late in the game now for me to get a docterate and it to be of any use. I would well be into my 60’s before I could do anything and probably in a mountain of debt. Hahahahahah


4 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Doing It All Wrong?”

  1. The fact that you have to pay $1000 and all those other expenses, seems a bit fishy to me – especially since there is no real “accreditation” or anything that is recognized regionally/nationally.

    You don’t necessarily have to get your doctorate. Perhaps you need to look at careers in the mental health field you can get with a BA or a MA?

  2. I feel your pain. I wanted to be a Unitarian minister, but found out it was going to be outrageously expensive and I’d also be in ’60’s before I became ordained. All that for a job that pays very little. It’s something that is best to hear the calling at a much younger age,

    Don’t give up your search. I’d love to see you post that you found a path to what you want to achieve.

  3. What about starting up an informal support group, for sufferers or loved ones. Would you be able to use that as a platform for your dream? You’d still be making a difference, just not with a formal title? Just a thought

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