Fear is a heartless bitch

I have a lot of dislikes, but not many fears. One fear that is the fear of all my fears is DRIVING IN THE HIGHWAY/FREEWAY.

I hate being the driver, I hate being the passenger. Whenever I have to travel on the highway, I have to take at ativan; otherwise I am a rocking, blubbering, anxiety filled hot mess. I don’t know where this fear stemmed from, because *knock on wood* I have never been in an accident on the freeway. But I see SO MANY STUPID DRIVERS out there, that it causes me great fear!

This also causes some problems. If I do find the courage to drive (which is VERY rare), I and white knuckles and clenched jaw the whole entire time. If I don’t drive, I have to find someone else to drive for me. It is usually my husband or my best friend.

I don’t know how to break myself of this irrational fear. But with my dad, and my parents living an hour away from me, I need to find the strength to do it.

It is so fucking scary though!

Can anyone relate?

P.S. here is some irony for you… I grew up and learned to drive in California. I have driven on the 405! Maybe I am just out of practice? Maybe people in Ohio are just horrible drivers?


One thought on “Fear is a heartless bitch”

  1. I’m a very nervous driver – also because of all the idiot drivers on the road…. and my medication doesn’t make me the sharpest tool in the shed – slower reaction times etc. So I totally get your fear. I drive to work and home. Its a round trip of only 8kms lol !! I really have to steel myself to drive anywhere else ESPECIALLY if I’ve never been there before

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