I decided since I can’t see my dad as often as I would like, I am going to start sending him cards every day. We talked on the phone every day before he had his surgery, and I miss that. Most of our conversations were nothing earth shattering, just chit chat, and it was nice. So cards will have to do since I can’t call him. He doesn’t have a phone in his room, and he is not allowed to have his cell phone, because he keeps losing it and the nursing staff is getting tired of keeping track of it. I can’t blame them.

I have plans to go out to my parent’s house and spend the weekend. My parents house is full of clutter, and me and my sister want to start working on it to help ease the confusion when my dad gets home, and so that his walker can get in between the rooms safely. My parent’s are pack rats. Nothing like you would see on Hoarders, but my dad saves stuff, my mom saves stuff…. you get the idea. I have part of my plan all sussed out. I will take my daughter with me for the weekend, and the boys will stay at home. The husband has functions this weekend, so… I will have to call my BFF to see if she will be available if the boys need something. They should be fine, but I am a pessimist and I expect the worst to happen when I am gone, even though I know everything will be fine. I have to call around and see if someone can sub my class on Sunday. Hopefully I will find someone, because that is the last thing I need to go right for this plan to work out. This will unfortunately postpone my Friday shopping trip to Monday.

I plan on leaving in the morning; after rush hour traffic, so there will hopefully be less cars on the highway. I will come back Sunday morning for the same reason.

I’m kind of proud of myself. I’ve been pretty much keeping it together with all of this “dad” stuff. I get tired after visiting him, so I always have a nap after visits. I hope I am not biting off more than I can chew by trying to help my mom out. It can be overwhelming for me when I am surrounded by so much “stuff” and I would just assume throwing stuff away to make things just so.

The bad thing about my dad being in medical care, is that it has taken my mind off getting a job. So I haven’t been actively looking for the past few weeks. Which is just as well, because it is really not panning out so well and it just frustrates me.


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  1. Kudos to you for working at staying so connected to your Dad. I know finding a job can be frustrating, but you gotta just keep plugging away at it. Something positive is bound to crop up!

  2. That’s so kind of you to help declutter the home for your dad. And I think sending cards and letters is a wonderful idea. Afterall, they are of the generation that communicated in that manner. I think its really meaningful. And good luck with the driving đŸ˜‰

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