Back at it again

The past two nights of sleep have sucked. I do the sleep for an hour, wake up, sleep for an hour, wake up…. all night long. Last night I even took steps to avoid a horrible night of sleep; I took a hot bath, relaxed, and at bed time I doubled up on my sleep meds, and took a muscle relaxer and ativan. No such luck.

This morning was horrible; I was barely awake for the kids to get off to school, and I didn’t move from the couch (which I ended up coming out to at 4:30 this morning) I finally woke up at 11. And here I sit, at noon, in my pj’s, hair a mess, and sipping coffee to wake up. I would LOVE to go back to sleep, but I NEED to wake up and get some stuff done, like dishes and go to the store and buy some butter. We are having pancakes for dinner tonight, and you can’t have pancakes without butter.

To beat it all, I thought yesterday was Tuesday. :/

1 thought on “Back at it again”

  1. I’m also battling with sleep – average 4 hours per night. Disturbed sleep like your’s is the pits! Just something to be aware of as it happens with me – sleep problems are a precursor to hypomania. I feel for you, life is difficult anyway, then add little to no sleep…. impossible. Thinking of you ❤

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