Better Days

Today was my last day of teaching Sunday school. I’m glad it is over. It wasn’t terrible, but it did cause me a lot of undue anxiety. I’m going to miss teaching, but deciding not to do it anymore was a good decision for my mental health.

My dad is coming home on the 24. He is still having hallucinations, which hopefully doctors will have good answers about that soon. My dad has a bunch of doctor appointments next week.

I’m going to a job fair next week at the local credit union. I’ve already applied for a position, but they invited me to go to their job fair, so…. why not. I am super nervous about getting a job; things will have to change here at the house. I will not be doing everything for everyone all the time if and when I get a job. I really hope something pans out soon. Bills are piling up!

My mood has improved. I’m not sleeping the whole night through, and I’m really pissed my doc won’t switch my sleeping pill until I get this fucking sleep study done. When I see her in May I am going to beg to get put on Lunesta. That pill worked great for me. The only problem I had with it was the nasty taste it left in my mouth. GROSS! But at this point, I think I will take that as opposed to not sleeping.

My husband has been sick. He hasn’t been too hard to take care of this time around. I’ve had to have our oldest son do stuff around the house for me, like mow the front yard (which my husband paid him for…. I would rather he did it just because. However, he is a teen, and money motivates him. *sigh*)

All in all I am hanging in there. Which is an improvement from being irritable.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Better Days”

  1. Good luck at the job fair. It’s perfectly understandable to be very nervous. Once you’re there, and get a feel for the surrounds and the people, you’ll find you will feel more comfortable. I’ll hold thumbs you get that job 🙂

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