Picking It Up

I’m trying to pick up my mood. I’m falling again. Slipping down the slope. I was this way last night too. I am not sure if it is the weather or what. I managed to pull my self out of it this morning and get all hyped up and go apply for a job. That was an awkward experience….

From my facebook:
Well, that was awkward. Went to apply at Eye Mart for the Optical Lab Tech that I saw an ad for on-line that was posted on Monday. I go in, let them know I am there to apply for the Optical Lab Tech position, and then the receptionists that are sitting there start a banter between themselves about what John said they were hiring for, and they didn’t think the Op Lab Tech was one of the positions. Then one of the doctors chimed in and said” it won’t hurt to have her fill out an application”. To which I replied that I just saw the posting on the internet on Monday, and then the guy receptionist says… “Well, if it was posted on the internet, it MUST be true.” Really? You are going to say this to a stranger? Who is applying for a position to where you work? THIS IS WHY I DON’T LIKE TO PEOPLE! I filled out the application anyways. I kinda hope they don’t call now, I dunno if I want to work with a bunch of unorganized rude people….

That experience kind of dropped me down a few notches in the mood department. I need thicker skin. I tried talking myself out of being bothered, but I just couldn’t get past how douchie the guy was acting. I even told my son about it, and he agreed. I dunno, I just feel defeated. And I really hope they don’t call for an interview, because depending on my mood, I will tell the office manager of my experience and politely decline the interview. But maybe I am just over reacting.

I forced myself to eat dinner tonight. I hadn’t had anything to eat today, not hungry in the slightest bit. But, I have to take my happy pill so…..

My life isn’t rough. It has been rougher. But sometimes I just feel like “Why me”.

Hoping tomorrow is better.


6 thoughts on “Picking It Up”

  1. Easier said than done, but don’t let a person who is a horses ass bring you down. Normally they’ve forgotten about the moment within fifteen minutes, while we can carry it with us all day and beyond. I tell myself “Don’t let them win.”

  2. You’re strong. You got up and went to do the job application despite feeling down. And you don’t need a thicker skin. What you need is a job application where the people aren’t so THICK!!!!

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